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  • About Us

A Few Words About Who we are

In 2019, Bloman Enterprise Limited, which is more commonly referred to as simply BEL 

was established as an outlet to provide small and medium businesses with no formal executive management structures or developed technology departments with an affordable yet effective means to take the next step from getting by to growth and expansion. Bloman Enterprise, LTD was established to provide top-tier information services, including managed services, implementation, and operational assistance.The company's mission is to assist companies of all sizes in realizing their full potential by fostering meaningful relationships,

establishing itself as a trusted voice in the industry, and delivering effective solutions to difficult challenges that are affordable. Within the past year and a half, BEL has established itself as a reputable partner with some of the most well-known organizations in the information technology, marketing services, and business sectors.

Our Leadership

Francis found himself in a good position to give both information technology consulting services and business consulting services to his client base as a result of his formal education in business and economics as well as his career path in information technology consulting and management.
Francis has worked with many C-level executives in his capacity as a consulting architect for multiple IT product suites. The goal of this collaboration was to determine how his solutions may impact his clients' bottom lines, market strategies, and growth potential.
Francis employment in IT allowed him to observe that many businesses suffer from a lack of both a comprehensive executive structure and limited technological skills. This is a problem for a variety of reasons and hinders both marketing and economic expansion.
It was obvious that many of them could benefit from his years of experience talking with executives to translate their organizational needs into actionable items and strategies. Additionally, it was clear that they could benefit from his ability to lean on an extensive list of resources and vendors to turn strategy into action in order

to drive growth.
BEL has had record-breaking revenue growth and the company's largest profit margin to date in just the first year under Mr. Wellington leadership of the company.
In addition to being in charge of BEL's day-to-day operations, Mr. Wellington took up the role of temporary Chief Technology Officer in July 2020, and he has been in that role ever since.

Our Partners

Our partners play a major role in increasing our investment performance.