One of the well-known ways to cost reduction in company is outsourcing. Some services are outsourced to low-cost countries such as Romania, the Moldova, etc., because they are not location-restricted. As a result, many firms perform their services at their own location. Always risky, many firms with a global presence opt for captive units and outsourcing to the same area to mitigate the risk. Due to the lack of a trusted leader/partner at that site, one of the IT consulting firms situated on the West Coast was hesitant to investigate the outsourcing strategy. The Bloman Enterprise team examined the business requirements and related risks after joining the project.
They consulted with all company leaders to determine their requirements, conducted a risk assessment, analyzed the availability of outsourced positions and local talent pools, etc. The Bloman Enterprise team suggested three methods, with a recommendation for the third model: outsourcing, captive units with outsourcing, and BOT office construction. The customer agreed to create an office in Pune with 75 resources to work under the supervision and leadership of the Bloman Enterprise team, and to transfer the office as a captive business unit after 24 months by emulating company rules, culture, etc.

1 Small Store To The World

The Extraordinary Milestone of Neurals: In 1984, amid the chaos of the world, a little ice cream business opened its doors. The invention of Neurals Ice Cream had approximately ten fruit-based flavors, which became its unique selling proposition.
Investigative check: The concept for the business originated from the owner's upbringing and experiences as a child.
As a child, he observed his mother's cooking and his father's mango-selling business. However, he also grew up in a destitute area, where he struggled in school and eventually came to Bombay to assist his brothers. where he struggled in school and eventually came to Bombay to assist his brothers.

Second, to ensure demand, he built an environment in which clients could appreciate his items.
Initially, he sold spicy foods and ice cream on the side, so people were compelled to enjoy the cold flavors after consuming a hot meal.
By providing healthier options and valuing their tips, he maintained the continued patronage of a number of A-list Hollywood actors at his restaurant.
Neurals Ice Cream, which began as a single store in the center of Europe, has now expanded to many locations in various countries, including Spain and France, due to this revenue stream and growth rate.

Payroll and CRM Enterprise Solutions

One of Bloman Enterprise's clients is a $2 million manufacturing multinational corporation with various facilities in USA and Middle East. Due to the fact that their legacy system and processes had been in place for more than two decades, they were experiencing difficulties with their blue-collar employee payment process. Their existing staff claimed that their method was the most optimized, but their HR and IT leaders disagreed. Consequently, they recruited the Bloman Enterprise Consulting team.  The team conducted an in-depth analysis of the process by categorizing their essential business requirements as must-have, nice-to-have, and unnecessary. They examined the entire procedure for leave, attendance, and payroll. They mapped it to the new lean process by eliminating redundancies, implementing automation to minimize payroll cycle time, and minimizing staff effort to prevent attendance leakage.

Another client of Bloman Enterprise is a $500 million manufacturing company with various facilities in the United States and Middle East. They had difficulty monitoring the actions of their sales crew. They previously had an Excel-based system for capturing productivity and tracking customers, but it was ineffective. Their IT budget shrunk as a result of the Covid effect, therefore they were incapable of conceiving a remedy. Bloman Enterprise Consultants joined the team and learned the process, as well as their requirements and restrictions. They scoured the market for the most suitable mapping solution for their business requirements. In eight weeks, the complete process was implemented. Now, the Sales Director may monitor the team's tasks, customers' actions, and meet corporate objectives.